Review: Alejandro Zambra’s “Multiple Choice”

Photo of Alejandro Zambra (right) by the Instituto Cervantes de Tokio, via Wikimedia Commons.

Against erasure: The silent citizen remembers in Alejandro Zambra’s Multiple Choice
Published on Jacket2 | February 2019

The text resists grand narratives, those that decide and dictate the definition of “Truth.” The subversion of the rules assures us of the necessity of every fragment of memory, the necessity to consider and bear witness to multiple forms of truth. In this monolithic test format, the silenced citizen remembers; she speaks by undermining the very structure that seeks to suppress her. 

A critical review of Alejandro Zambra’s book of hybrid poetry Multiple Choice, a lyric poem written in the form of a multiple choice exam which Chilean students undertake to go to university. This essay is on writing against erasure and writing as witness to social injustice.