I’m a freelance editor and writer of short stories, critical essays and reviews, and sometimes poetry. Most recently, I’ve become the co-editor of To Gather Your Leaving: Asian diaspora poetry from America, Australia, UK & Europe. It is a groundbreaking anthology that gathers 259 poems by 64 poets of Asian ancestry.

I’m currently completing my MA in Creative Writing at Nanyang Technological University in Singapore, where I’m working on a series of magical realist short stories centred on Eurasian culture and heritage, fable, taboo, and the body.

On top of literary work, I’ve written news articles, lifestyle pieces, ad copy, book evaluation reports, reviews and essays. I’ve also conducted public fiction writing workshops and taught undergraduate classes on Singapore Literature and Creative Writing.

Fun fact—I am currently learning my long-lost linggu mai (mother tongue), Kristang, through an independent initiative, Kodrah Kristang. Kristang is an endangered heritage language of the Portuguese-Eurasian community with less than a hundred speakers in Singapore today.

I’m available for workshops, freelance writing and editing opportunities, whether its story commissions, book reviewing, proofreading and line-editing, or even a class on how to create fictive worlds. Talk to me about anything that can’t be explained. I believe we tell stories to make sense of our reality, that through the inexplicable, we could perhaps speak about the unspeakable.

Let’s chat.