As a writer myself, I know how crucial feedback is to transform a first draft into a publishable piece of work. I can provide manuscript evaluation, developmental editing, and proofreading services, customisable of course, to your needs. I can spruce up your ad copy, structure your thesis, copyedit your articles, proposals, reports, essays, website content. Drop me a line with what you need and we can discuss which services are right for you.


Whether it’s your Instagram caption, annual report, or an article about cats, I can help you make sure your grammar, spelling, and punctuation are perfect.

Line Editing

We have great ideas, but often our writing is all over the place. I can help structure your piece, make sure your message is coherent, and provide fact-checking services.

Manuscript Evaluation

If you’ve just written a short story, a journal article, or a novel, congrats! Even the best of us need feedback to make that first draft publishable. I can read your entire manuscript and provide you with an evaluation that details your strengths and areas for improvement. Please contact me directly to discuss your professional needs!

For rates and specifications, check out my Fivver page.